Cometanic pedagogy

Cometanic pedagogy, which may also be referred to as Cometan's theory of teaching, is the collection of methods, terms, and theories developed by Cometan on how to best teach particular subjects. It also involves the organisations and programmes that emerged and were established thereafter as a result of Cometan's theories on teaching and learning. Cometanic pedagogy developed into a subject of its own and became a branch of wider pedagogy.

Cometan's role as a pedagogian (a term he himself coined) began relatively early on in his life as a direct result of the development of Astronism and his immediate need and ability to be able to teach the religion effectively to people of all age and education levels. As a result of this, Cometan developed an interest in what the best practices were for teaching a religion like Astronism and the wider subjects of religion, philosophy, astronomy as well as other subjects of importance to him.


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