Cometanic affinity

Cometanic affinity, or the affinities of Cometan, is the collection of nations, peoples, and their cultures towards Cometan demonstrated particular support, interest, and affinity for in some part of his life. List of these known affinities:

  • Armenophile – affinity for Armenia, Armenian people, their culture and Armenian Genocide Recognition
  • Grecophile/Hellenophile – affinity for Greece, Greek people and their culture
  • Helvetophile - affinity for Switzerland, the Swiss people and their culture
  • Italophile - affinity for Italy, Italian people and their culture
  • Malagasophile - affinity for Madagascar, the Malagasy people and their culture
  • Mongolophilia - affinity for Mongolia, its people and their culture
  • Russophile - affinity for Russia, Russian culture, and for the Russian people
  • Sinophile - affinity for China, Chinese culture, and for the Chinese people


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